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Chinese American Real Estate
Professionals Association

P.O. Box 1435
San Gabriel, California 91776
CAREPA History


  Edward Chang
  Steve Chang
  Grace Hu
  Tony Liu
  Charlene Lung
  Gregory Tse


1984 Gregory Tse
1985 Gregory Tse
1986 Steve Chang
1987 Steve Chang
1988 Edward Cheng
1989 Edward Cheng
1990 Tony Liu
1991 Steven Haw
1992 Grace Hu
1993 Charlene Lung
1994 Eddie Chao
1995 Anne Yang
1996 Paulina Lee
1997 Amy Yeung
1998 Julia Mo
1999 Susan Chou
2000 Terry Lee
2001 Joe Wang
2002 Jenny Chang
2003 Yin Bihr
2004 Jenny Hsieh
2005 Lucia Tam
2006 Kelvin Wong
2007 John Y Wong
2008 Ling Chow
2009 John C. Wu
2010 Philip Hsu
2011 Nancy Lin
2012 Brian Chen
2013 Lucia Tam
2014 Lucia Tam
2015 Teddy Lu
2016 Lucia Tam
The formation of this association was the outgrowth of regular get-togethers by several Chinese-speaking real estate licensees at the Sir George Restaurant in Alhambra. Their small talks shared commonality and the difficulties facing Chinese Americans in the real estate fields. A formal association known as Chinese American Real Estate Professionals Association of Southern California (CAREPASC) was born on February 5, 1983. The objectives for the Association were to unite the Chinese real estate professionals to exert beneficial influence upon the profession, to promote and maintain higher standards of conduct, to provide educational opportunities for members’ professional and self improvement, and to further the interest of home ownership by providing real estate related seminars. CAREPASC was now introduced to the real estate community.

The Association formally incorporated in 1994 began to share many joint activities in Chinese with other Asian organizations. It also opened relationships with other REALTORS® associations. A monthly Chinese language newsletter was published from translations of articles on real estate practices, trends and news so that real estate practitioners who may have a language barrier in reading industry magazines may better understand the information. In1999, it was changed to an English only format along with all Association activities. Social mixers into the mainstream were ever popular.

In 2001, the Association became a founding Partner along with CAREB, CREAA, NAHREP, NAR and NAREB in the creation of the National HOPE Awards to honor those individuals and corporations across our greater nation who toil to make the dream of minority homeownership a reality.

In 2002, now known as Chinese American Real Estate Professionals Association (CAREPA) also addresses real estate issues. CAREPA actively participates in Leadership Summits, Diversity panels, Expos and state and national Business Conferences. CAREPA currently hosts monthly dinner mixers with speakers and many other networking events. Today CAREPA plays a significant and important role in leadership and representation of Asian American in the real estate and related industries.

The landscape facing Asian real estate professionals is now significantly more sophisticated and complicated than before. After more than 20 years, the Association continues to honor the legacy of our Founders while poised to face new challenges. With continued support from local, state and national associations and our generous supporters and sponsors, CAREPA will continue to grow in membership and maintain its high standards of professionalism and spirit.

CAREPA Mission

CAREPA is a non-profit trade association devoted to enhance members’ competitiveness and success in the real estate industry, facilitate business and professional networking opportunities and promote ethics and professionalism in real estate practice.

To accomplish the mission, CAREPA has the following objectives:

  • Unite the Chinese real estate professionals to exert beneficial influence upon the profession and promote higher standards of conduct.
  • Provide educational opportunities to members for professional and self improvement.
  • Organize networking functions to create business opportunities for members.
  • Outreach to mainstream trade associations such as NAR, CAR and local Associations of REALTORS® and participate in their programs.
  • Further the interest of property ownership by providing real estate related seminars.
  • Involve in meaningful community services and charitable events.